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I spent part of this past summer walking across Northern Spain. Following in the footsteps of pilgrims centuries before me, I too sought the “way.” I sought answers. I sought peace. Despite my daily seeking, I didn’t have… Read More

dreaming again

Words have not come easily to me this past year. A rough copy of this post has sat open on my computer for the past few months and, after rewrite upon rewrite, I’m still not sure if I’ve… Read More

stop grieving the “only ifs”

ONE I sat nervously in a closet-sized room across from two school administrators, all too aware that the next hour would determine how I would spend my first year out of college and potentially, shape the course of… Read More

The Truth About Anxiety

I went bungee jumping despite promising my mother I wouldn’t. Although almost regularly experiencing an irrational urge to jump from high places (it’s a real thing – check out “high-place phenomenon”), bungee jumping was never on my bucket… Read More

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

Dear friend,   I’m sorry… but sorry isn’t enough. This isn’t the first time this has happened…and even though I’d like to deny it, it probably won’t be the last. I didn’t show up.

We are gathered here today to let the light fill our broken bodies…

ONE We are gathered here today to let the light fill our broken bodies. In a world obsessed with “arriving,” we just reached a new plane in “becoming”—and that’s okay. We are here to say that life is… Read More

when life doesn’t turn out like you planned.

“I’m waiting for resolve…but all I hear is abide.” I wrote those words back in September—as in seven months ago. Little did I know they would still be impacting my life today, with even more intensity than they… Read More

A Love Letter from Me to You: 5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story

Despite suffering from social anxiety and Selective Mutism the majority of my life, I appeared much the typical child to everyone except my family, coaches, and teachers, who saw my struggle firsthand. Ashamed of my friendless existence and… Read More

Why THIS Isn’t the End of the Story

Two years ago, I was in desperate need of saving. With an intense distrust of people and a mind overflowing with unanswered questions, I was about to graduate from college. Life as I knew it would soon be… Read More

When You Don’t Know How to Live in the Present

PART I: Waiting I’m different. I’ve always been different. The whispers started at a young age: “What’s wrong with her?” “Why doesn’t she talk?”