Category: Social Anxiety

Why THIS Isn’t the End of the Story

Two years ago, I was in desperate need of saving. With an intense distrust of people and a mind overflowing with unanswered questions, I was about to graduate from college. Life as I knew it would soon be… Read More

When You Don’t Know How to Live in the Present

PART I: Waiting I’m different. I’ve always been different. The whispers started at a young age: “What’s wrong with her?” “Why doesn’t she talk?”

Are You Living A Lie?

I’m very self-aware. People tell me this all the time (so much so that this statement has lost some of its power). And it’s great—I know who I am and why I am that way. However, lately I’ve… Read More

Learning To Fail

There has been an intense battle raging within me for the past two weeks. Intense. I have felt worthless. Expendable. Invisible. The list of feelings goes on and on, but you get the idea. Not good. I have… Read More

Why You Can’t Save Other People

The weight of anxiety is so heavy—much heavier in fact, than the weight of a gazillion stickers. Let me explain… Circa 2000, the supermarket. While waiting for the endless line of groceries to move down the conveyer belt… Read More

For When You Keep Falling

I’ve been losing my footing a lot lately. Pokhara, Nepal. After an interesting morning spent searching for the mighty Himalayas through the heavy fog and trying to figure out the song my heart wanted to sing, I embarked… Read More


I like to hide behind words. But hidden beyond quotes and my excessive ramblings, know this: I am done. I. Am. So. Done.