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The Truth About Anxiety

I went bungee jumping despite promising my mother I wouldn’t. Although almost regularly experiencing an irrational urge to jump from high places (it’s a real thing – check out “high-place phenomenon”), bungee jumping was never on my bucket… Read More

It’s Time For You To Give Up.

In a garden in Cambodia, hidden behind the leaves of overgrown trees, I spotted a small sign—a sign that I might have considered banal had it not been in “exotic” Asia. The following words, written with a black… Read More

We are gathered here today to let the light fill our broken bodies…

ONE We are gathered here today to let the light fill our broken bodies. In a world obsessed with “arriving,” we just reached a new plane in “becoming”—and that’s okay. We are here to say that life is… Read More

when life doesn’t turn out like you planned.

“I’m waiting for resolve…but all I hear is abide.” I wrote those words back in September—as in seven months ago. Little did I know they would still be impacting my life today, with even more intensity than they… Read More

A Love Letter from Me to You: 5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story

Despite suffering from social anxiety and Selective Mutism the majority of my life, I appeared much the typical child to everyone except my family, coaches, and teachers, who saw my struggle firsthand. Ashamed of my friendless existence and… Read More

when only fear remains

I’ve heard it said that the way you welcome the New Year sets the tone for the next 365 days. I welcomed in 2016 asleep in a pool of sweat, while a growing crowd of people clamored outside… Read More

Goodbye Darkness, My Old Friend (and why you, Dear Reader, should stay)

To those who feel unseen and unheard…to those who talk without speaking…to those who feel as if their presence is inconsequential:    Don’t believe the lies you have been told. Believe Truth. Believe this: each of us was… Read More

Are You Living A Lie?

I’m very self-aware. People tell me this all the time (so much so that this statement has lost some of its power). And it’s great—I know who I am and why I am that way. However, lately I’ve… Read More

Learning To Fail

There has been an intense battle raging within me for the past two weeks. Intense. I have felt worthless. Expendable. Invisible. The list of feelings goes on and on, but you get the idea. Not good. I have… Read More

Why You Can’t Save Other People

The weight of anxiety is so heavy—much heavier in fact, than the weight of a gazillion stickers. Let me explain… Circa 2000, the supermarket. While waiting for the endless line of groceries to move down the conveyer belt… Read More